STRESS: The Silent killer


Stress CAN kill you. It is known to lead to increased heart rate, cardiovascular problems, can cause breathing issues and high blood pressure.

I understand it’s easier said than done, but for your sake and your love ones sake, find different ways to release stress. I’m just going to leave y’all with this information today.

Here is some info I’ve gathered from and article from Johns Hopskin Medicine site. 

Your emotional health includes:

  • your overall psychological well-being;
  • your feelings about yourself;
  • the quality of your relationships 
  • your ability to create and use positive coping skills;
  • your ability to manage your feelings.

Practice stress management techniques. Stress management techniques, including writing, participating in a hobby, using a creative outlet, volunteering or meditating, can help you focus on things that are happening in the here-and-now.