This Blog is special to me and I want it to be a safe space for all of the TTC women. Often times people forget how stressful, discouraging, and down right heartbreaking it is to not be able to do the one thing, as women we’re made to do. For most of us women, we want nothing more than to be a mom. Don’t you hate those million questions “when you going to have kids?” “you still don’t have kids yet?” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple for some for us.

For me, I am 34 years old I’ve had 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy. As a result of the ectopic pregnancy, I have one Fallopian tube left. I’ve seen 2 fertility specialist, and both confirmed that I am clear to still conceive BUT it’s yet to happen. I use to think it was so unfair that some women can be strung out on drugs, drink, smoke all the time and can have kids like running water. Yet, here I am, healthy, eat right, and having a hard time ttc. 

Recently, I’ve been actively trying and no luck! I am now looking for holistic ways to heal my body so I can be successful at conceiving. I am willing to hear different remedies that you may have or haven’t tried yet. 

 Few things I’m going to try: 

⏺ Red Mecca root powder 

⏺ Yoga 

⏺ I want to try Bee propolis (I’m going to research more on it) 

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