It's cool to be kind





Mental health is often brushed off and we as people need to talk more about it. If using my website one day out of the week to speak on helps someone, then that’s a start.

There are signs that something is wrong, but yet again we ignore them. The saying “treat the janitor with the same respect you will treat the CEO” speaks volumes. Now, that may go over a few people heads but let me break it down for you. How do you think the CEO became the CEO? Let that sink in. You have to start somewhere, right?

Now, that janitor that you see working his/her butt off to keep the business/facility clean and sanitize properly, that could very well be you one day. They could be dealing with some tough times, couldn’t land a decent job but still needed a way to provide for their family. Therefore, they took what they can get for the time being. You have some people that will purposely be rude, down right mean to them simply because of their job title. Although that is very much so unacceptable, people still do it.

Not knowing a person's mental state is even more of a reason we as people should always be kind to one another. They can possibly commit suicide, relapse (if they were recovering substance and or alcohol abuse individuals) etc. it cost $0.00 to be kind to others. 

On the flipside those janitors may very well become the new CEO of the very building they used to clean or of any company and you may have to work for them one day. Nice little plot twist, right?! You get the point I’m making? The very people you look down upon you may have to actually look up to one day. So be mindful how you treat others because we do not know what battles they're battling on a daily basis. 

I chose the image in the thread because Some people do all these things and do not know they’re depressed. Please, if you do not know the signs at least try and pay attention for behaviors like this. You may actually help someone out of a dark place. 

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