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It's cool to be kind

        Mental health is often brushed off and we as people need to talk more about it. If using my website one day out of the week to speak on helps someone, then that’s a start. There are signs that something is wrong, but yet again we ignore them. The saying “treat the janitor with the same respect you will treat the CEO” speaks volumes. Now, that may go over a few people heads but let me break it down for you. How do you think the CEO became the CEO? Let that sink in. You have to start somewhere, right? Now, that janitor that you see working his/her butt off to keep the business/facility clean and...

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Peer Pressure (perception version)

Have you ever had a time where you felt pressured into doing something? if the answer is yes, then welcome to the real world. Often times people seem to get caught up in social society to the point where they’re starting to feel less then, start feeling like they’re not doing anything with their life. Please do not do that. Do not allow social media or your peers in general to cause you to make impulsive decisions simply because you want to “live like them.” I was once that person before. I had to get out my own head and think realistically. I had to start focusing on the good in my life, all the blessings I receive, how I...

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Managing Your Anger

Healing yourself is the best thing you could do before trying to love someone else or just simply move forward in life. Often times we lash out at the wrong people due to our inability to express ourselves. In therapy, I’ve learned that if you break down each emotion and a time or times when you felt that emotion, It may help you get to the root of your anger. It helped me, and I’m still learning. Allowing your anger to build up over a period of time, can and will cause you to lose really good people in your life. something I personally live by is “self accountability is a MUST in order to grow”  Just a little food...

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